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Mouse Model
Epigenetics and drug addiction: predisposition, chronic use, relapse and treatment

For those who have not experienced drug addiction, it can be easy to view the disease as a choice—but research shows that epigenetics plays an important role.

Mouse Sperm on a Counting Chamber
Epigenetic alteration of the young dark matter in sperm worsens fertility across two successive generations

Loss of DNA methylation at transposable elements in sperm is associated with decreased sperm function in the offspring.

Muscle Regenerative Potential Is Ensured Epigenetically Through Promoter Proximal Pausing

To regenerate damaged muscle tissue, muscle stem cells must be turned into functional muscle cells–a process that requires control of gene expression through promoter proximal pausing.

Dissecting the epigenome using CRISPR-based engineering technologies

Harnessing new CRISPR epigenome editing toolkits has allowed scientists to begin to understand the function of epigenetic landscapes in living organisms.

Transposable Elements, Epigenetics and Evolution

Transposable elements are DNA sequences that "jump" through the genome. They're usually silenced through epigenetic processes but still play a vital role.

gene-enhancer figure
A Symphony of Speciation

The regulation of gene expression by transcription enhancers is critical for cellular identity and the observable difference between species.

Minggao Liang
Scientist Spotlight: Minggao Liang, University of Toronto

Dr. Minggao Liang's research is focused on elucidating the cis-regulatory consequences of genetic variation in the context of evolution and human disease. Learn more about Minggao.

Mathias Renaud
Scientist Spotlight: Mathias Renaud

Mathias Renaud is a Graduate Student in Dr. Julie Claycomb's laboratory at the University of Toronto. Learn more about Mathias and his research here! 

Welcome to This is Epigenetics—A new CEEHRC Initiative!

CEEHRC—a network of epigenetic scientists and researchers from across Canada—has launched a new knowledge sharing initiative.

Hossein Davarinejad
Scientist Spotlight: Hossein Davarinejad

Hossein Davarinejad is a Graduate Student in Dr. Jean-François Couture's laboratory at the University of Ottawa. Learn more about Hossein and his research here!