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Mouse Model
Epigenetics and drug addiction: predisposition, chronic use, relapse and treatment

For those who have not experienced drug addiction, it can be easy to view the disease as a choice—but research shows that epigenetics plays an important role.

Mouse Sperm on a Counting Chamber
Epigenetic alteration of the young dark matter in sperm worsens fertility across two successive generations

Loss of DNA methylation at transposable elements in sperm is associated with decreased sperm function in the offspring.

Rachel Price
Scientist Spotlight: Rachel Price, University of British Columbia

Rachel Price's research focuses on transcription factor activity during mitosis in mouse embryonic stem cells.

Epigenetic Control of the Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition in Cancer Metastasis

Abnormal histone modifications affect expression of key epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) marker genes, driving cancer metastasis.

Benjamin Lebeau
Scientist Spotlight: Benjamin Lebeau, McGill University

Benjamin Lebeau's research focuses on the oncogenic and epigenetic impact of CTCF mutations or copy number loss in breast cancer.

Giacomo Grillo
Scientist Spotlight: Dr. Giacomo Grillo, University of Toronto

Dr. Giacomo Grillo is a post doctoral fellow at the University of Toronto where he studies chromatin and transposable element activation in prostate cancer.

Scientist Spotlight: Marina Fukano, University of Montreal & McGill University

Marina Fukano's research focuses on the consequences of metabolic heterogeneity on the progression and drug response of triple-negative breast tumors.

Muscle Regenerative Potential Is Ensured Epigenetically Through Promoter Proximal Pausing

To regenerate damaged muscle, stem cells must be turned into functional muscle cells–a process that requires promoter proximal pausing.

Dissecting the epigenome using CRISPR-based engineering technologies

Harnessing new CRISPR epigenome editing toolkits has allowed scientists to begin to understand the function of epigenetic landscapes in living organisms.

Transposable Elements, Epigenetics and Evolution

Transposable elements are DNA sequences that "jump" through the genome. They're usually silenced through epigenetic processes but still play a vital role.