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Cat fur and color blindness: what X-chromosome inactivation teaches us about health

The epigenetic inactivation of the X chromosome during embryonic development drives major biological processes – for us and for our favorite pets.

Dissecting the epigenome using CRISPR-based engineering technologies

Harnessing new CRISPR epigenome editing toolkits has allowed scientists to begin to understand the function of epigenetic landscapes in living organisms.

Transposable Elements, Epigenetics and Evolution

Transposable elements are DNA sequences that "jump" through the genome. They're usually silenced through epigenetic processes but still play a vital role.

packaging of DNA into chromatin
Chromatin State of Matter Matters: Is It Liquid or Solid?

Over the last decades, there has been much debate regarding chromatin state of matter. Up until recently, chromatin was believed to be liquid.

What is Epigenetics Cover
What is Epigenetics?

Epigenetics is a rapidly growing field of scientific inquiry. It explains how our bodies have just one genetic code, but ~200 different cell types.