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Canadian experts in epigenetics are listed below, generally categorized by health / GE3LS relevance. Download this excel spreadsheet to filter by location, affiliation, or areas of expertise. Contact details and institution links are also provided in the spreadsheet. 

If you're a PI and would like to be added to this list, or to suggest that a colleague be added, please contact us with details.

Name Institution Expertise 1 Expertise 2 Expertise 3
Betts, Dean Western University Developmental biology Stem cells Aging
Hilliker, Arthur York University Chromatin  Transvection Drosophila
Kobor, Michael University of British Columbia Environmental epigenetics Population epigenomics Social epigenomics
Mallette, Frédérick-Antoine Université de Montréal Chromatin structure Cellular senescence Cancer
Mekhail, Karim University of Toronto 3D genome Aging Genome stability
Menzies, Keir University of Ottawa NAD+ homeostasis Metabolism Sirtuins
Riabowol, Karl  University of Calgary Biological aging Cancer  
Richards, Brent McGill University Bone Epigenomics Aging Endocrinology
Stanford, William Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Stem cells Cancer Chromatin
Soleimani, Vahab McGill University Muscle Stem Cells Transcriptional regulation Muscle Regeneration
Name Institution Expertise  1 Expertise 2 Expertise 3
Affar, El Bachir Centre de recherche Hopital Maisonneuve-Rosemont Chromatin and Epigenomics DNA repair Cellular signalling
Aparicio, Sam University of British Columbia Breast cancer Stem cells Lymphoma
Arrowsmith, Cheryl University of Toronto Epigenomics Structural biology Drug discovery
Bachvarov, Dimcho Université Laval DNA methylation Ovarian cancer Epithelial–mesenchymal transition
Baetz, Kristin Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology Systems biology Acetylation  
Beischlag, Timothy Simon Fraser University Environmental exposures Endocrine disruption Hypoxia
Benchimol, Samuel York University Cell cycle Senescence Apoptosis
Berardi, Philip Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Chromatin remodelling Cell cycle control Leukemia
Bourque, Guillaume McGill University Bioinformatics Evolutionary biology Epigenomics
Brand, Marjorie Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Transcription  Hematopoiesis Stem cells
Bremner, Rod Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute Cancer epigenetics Retinoblastoma Immune evasion
Cellot, Sonia Centre de recherche du CHU Sainte-Justine Stem cells Chromatin methylation Leukemia
Cheung, Peter York University Histone modification Histone variants Gene expression regulation
Cobb, Jennifer University of Calgary Chromatin remodelling DNA damage Aging
Côté, Jacques Laval University Cancer Research Center Histone modifying complexes Readers of Histone marks Genome expression and maintenance
Côté, Jocelyn University of Ottawa RNA binding proteins Post-translational modifications Neuromuscular Diseases
Couture, Jean-Francois University of Ottawa Leukemia Protein Structure  
Davie, Jim University of Manitoba Epigenomics Cancer  
De Carvalho, Daniel University of Toronto Immunotherapy Cancer Stem cells Epigenetic Therapy
Dellaire, Graham Dalhousie University Genome instabilty DNA repair Nuclear Organization
Desaulniers, Daniel Health Canada Environment epigenetics Cancer epigenetics  
Dick, Fred Western University Cell cycle Cancer Genome instability
Diorio, Caroline Université Laval Breast Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers
Dirks, Peter SickKids Research Institute Cancer stem cells Brain tumours  
Dostie, Josée McGill University 3D genome Chromatin structure Cancer epigenetics
Downey, Michael University of Ottawa Non-histone protein acetylation Cellular stress response Proteomics
Durocher, Daniel Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute Genome instabilty DNA damage Histone ubiquitylation
Durocher, Francine Université Laval Breast Cancer Genetics DNA methylation
Eaves, Connie University of British Columbia Stem cells Breast cancer  Leukemia
Elowe, Sabine Université Laval Mitosis histone modifications Aneuploidy
Gallo, Marco University of Calgary Cancer epigenomics Cancer stem cells Chromatin remodelling
Gaudreau, Luc Université de Sherbrooke Chromatin remodelling 3D genome  
Gevry, Nicolas Université de Sherbrooke Histone variants Apoptosis  
Gibson, Spencer University of Manitoba Apoptosis Leukemia  
Gingras, Anne-Claude Mount Sinai Hospital Proteomics Cancer Drug resistance
He, Hansen Princess Margaret Cancer Centre   Cancer Bioinformatics  
Hendzel, Michael  University of Alberta Genome stability DNA repair  
Hieter, Phil University of British Columbia Chromosomal instability Drug discovery Yeast
Hirst, Martin University of British Columbia Epigenomics Method development Cancer
Hombach-Klonisch, Sabine University of Manitoba Cancer Chromatin remodeling Chemoresistance
Hubbard, Basil University of Alberta Histone acetylation Sirtuins, histone deacetylases Chromatin modifying enzymes
Huntsman, David University of British Columbia Ovarian cancer Hereditary cancer Rare cancers
Ito, Caryn Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Stem cells Polycomb/chromatin Leukemia
Jabado, Nada Montreal Children’s Hospital Pediatric brain cancer Histone variants Epigenomics
Jiang, Xiaoyan University of British Columbia Leukemia Stem cells Proteomics
Jirik, Frank University of Calgary Skeletal development Metastasis Prions
Jones, Steve BC Cancer Agency Bioinformatics Lymphoma Drug discovery
Kaern, Mads University of Ottawa Systems biology Drug resistance Transcriptional regulation
Karimi, Mahdi University of British Columbia Bioinformatics Data visualisation Cancer
Karsan, Aly University of British Columbia Clinical genomics Myeloid cancers Hematopoiesis
Kim, Tae-Hee SickKids Research Institute Stem cells Epigenomics Developmental biology
Kleinman, Claudia McGill University Bioinformatics Epigenomics Cancer
Klonisch, Thomas University of Manitoba Cancer stem cells Drug resistance Metastasis
Kovalchuk, Olga University of Lethbridge Cancer epigenomics Cancer treatment epigenenomics Precision medicine
Lam, Wan University of British Columbia Cancer progression Lung cancer  
Lansdorp, Peter University of British Columbia Stem cells Cancer Genomic instability
Laskin, Janessa University of British Columbia Clinical oncology Cancer Personalised medicine
Lessard, Julie Institut de Recherche en Immunologie et Cancer Stem cells Leukemia Hematopoiesis
Li, Qiao University of Ottawa Chromatin dynamics Regenerative medicine Drug development
Li, Shawn Western University Signal transduction Drug development  
Lohnes, David University of Ottawa Developmental biology Colorectal cancer  
Lorincz, Matt University of British Columbia Repetitive elements Epigenomics Developmental biology
Lupien, Mathieu University of Toronto Epigenomics Cancer Functional genomics
Mager, Dixie University of British Columbia Repetitive elements Cancer Bioinformatics
Mai, Sabine University of Manitoba Oncogenes Chromosome instability Genome organisation
Marra, Marco University of British Columbia Lymphoma Epigenomics Cancer
McManus, Kirk University of Manitoba Chromosome instability Genome instability Drug discovery
Milot, Eric Hospital Maisonneuve-Rosemont Research Center  Hematopoiesis Epigenetic reprogramming Leukemia
Min, Jinrong University of Toronto Chromatin Signalling Structural biology Drug discovery
Muller, William McGill University Breast Cancer Cellular signalling  
Murphy, Leigh University of Manitoba Breast cancer Drug resistance Biobanking
Mymryk, Joe Western University Infectious disease Cancer Oncoviruses
Nagy, Andras Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute Stem cells Angiogenesis Methods development
Nelson, Chris University of Victoria Histone modifications Yeast genetics Prolyl-isomerases
Nielsen, Cydney University of British Columbia Data visualisation Bioinformatics Cancer genomics
Nourani, Amine Université Laval Chromatin modulation Transcriptional regulation  
Parks, Robin Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Virology Gene Therapy Neuromuscular Disorders
Penn, Linda Ontario Cancer Institute Oncogenes Tumour metabolism  
Perkins, Ted Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Bioinformatics Stem cells Machine learning
Rabbani, Shafaat McGill University Biomarker discovery Breast cancer  Metastasis
Ramotar, Dindial Hospital Maisonneuve-Rosemont Research Center  Drug resistance Cellular stress response DNA damage
Raynal, Noel Centre de recherche du CHU Sainte-Justine Drug discovery Histone modifications Drug mechanisms
Robert, François Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal Histone variants Transcriptional regulation Histone chaperones
Rodenhiser, David Western University Developmental biology Cancer Environmental exposures
Rose, Ann University of British Columbia Proteases Cell cycle control Chromosome stability
Rudner, Adam Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology Chromsome dynamics Cell cycle control Yeast
Sabloff, Mitchell Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Hematology Leukemia Drug development
Sadikovic, Bekim Western University Clinical epigenetics Biomarker discovery Technology development
Sauvageau, Guy Université de Montréal Stem cells Leukemia Cancer stem cells
Schapira, Matthieu University of Toronto Bioinformatics Computational chemistry Structural genomics
Scott, David University of British Columbia Lymphoma Chronic lymphocytic leukemia Gene expression profiling
Sinnett, Daniel Centre de recherche du CHU Sainte-Justine Transcription factor Leukemia Pediatrics
Steidl, Christian University of British Columbia Lymphoma Biomarker discovery Tumour microenvironment
Stirling, Pete University of British Columbia Genome maintenance Genomic instability RNA processing
Syzf, Moshe McGill University Epigenomics Cancer Epigenetics DNA methylation
Taylor, Michael SickKids Research Institute Cancer epigenomics Pediatric cancer Epigenomics
Torchia, Joe Western University Cancer epigenetics Transcriptional regulation Genomic instability
Underhill, Alan University of Alberta Cancer epigenetics Histone methylation dynamics Fluorescence microscopy
Van Raamsdonk, Catherine University of British Columbia Melanoma Developmental biology Cancer
Verreault, Alain  Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer DNA repair Chromosome biogenesis  
Weksberg, Rosanna SickKids Research Institute Epigenomics Growth disorders Neurodevelopmental disorders
Weng, Andrew University of British Columbia Lymphoma Hematology Leukemia
Wiseman, Sam University of British Columbia Thyroid cancer Endocrine cancer Translational research
Witcher, Michael McGill University Cancer Anti-cancer therapeutics     
Wong, Judy University of British Columbia DNA damage Genome maintenance Drug discovery
Wurtele, Hugo Centre de recherche Hopital Maisonneuve-Rosemont Histone modification DNA damage response Yeast
Yang, Xiang-Jiao  McGill University Histone modification Stem cells Cell reprogramming
Yip, Calvin University of British Columbia Histone modifying complexes Autophagy Structural biology
Yip, Stephen University of British Columbia Brain cancers Molecular pathology Neuropathology
Cardiovascular Disease
Name Institution Expertise 1 Expertise 2 Expertise 3
Anene-Nzelu, George Montreal Heart Institute Cardiovascular    
Burgon, Patrick University of Ottawa Heart Institute Cardiovascular development Cardiogenomic programming Aging
Czubryt, Michael University of Manitoba Cardiac muscle Cardiac fibrosis  
Delgado-Olguin, Paul SickKids Research Institute Cardiovascular development Epigenomics Transcriptional regulation
Dixon, Ian University of Manitoba Cardiac fibrosis Cardiac matrix remodelling  
Gordon, Joseph University of Manitoba Cardiovascular development Muscle development  
Kirshenbaum, Lorrie University of Manitoba Cardiac muscle Apoptosis
McDermott, John York University Cell differentiation Transcription factors Proteomics
Megeny, Lynn Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Apoptosis Cell differentiation  
Paré, Guillaume McMaster Univeristy Epidemiology Chronic disease Biomarker discovery
Stewart, Alexandre University of Ottawa Cardiovascular risk factors    
Stewart, Duncan Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Endothelial factors Angiogenesis Regenerative medicine
Suuronen, Erik University of Ottawa Heart Institute Tissue engineering Regenerative medicine Cell-matrix interactions
Wang, Jing Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Stem cells Neurogenesis Histone acetyltransferase
Zahradka, Peter University of Manitoba Nutrition Drug discovery Metabolism
NAME INSTITUTION Expertise 1 Expertise 2 Expertise 3
Abouheif, Ehab McGill University Ecology Evolutionary biology Development
Ausio, Juan University of Victoria Proteomics Chromatin structure Spermatogenesis
Bailey, Janice Université Laval Reproductive biology Sperm Environmental exposures
Cox, Brian University of Toronto Stem cells miRNAs  
Droit, Arnaud Université Laval Computational biology Transcriptomics Big data
Drysdale, Thomas Western University Developmental biology Organogenesis Embryology
Ellis, James SickKids Research Institute Stem cells Gene therapy iPS cells
Francis, Nicole Institut de Recherches Cliniques de Montréal Chromatin structure Mitotic heritability Drosophila
Grigliatti, Thomas University of British Columbia Imprinting Chromatin structure Proteomics
Hardy, Daniel Western University Fetal programming Nuclear receptors Histone modification
Hoodless, Pamela University of British Columbia Developmental biology Organogenesis Stem cells
Hussein, Samer Université Laval Stem Cells Bioinformatics Transcriptomics
Kimmins, Sarah McGill University Epigenomics Environmental exposures  
Lefebvre, Louis University of British Columbia Imprinting Developmental biology Epigenetic silencing
Liu, Michelle (XiaoQing) University of Manitoba Twin epigenetics Autism Pre/perinatal exposures
McGraw, Serge Centre de recherche du CHU Sainte-Justine Embryogenesis Developmental disorders In utero exposures
Meneghini, Marc University of Toronto Cell differentiation Yeast epigenetics Sporoptosis
Mitchell, Jennifer University of Toronto 3D genome Chromatin structure Stem cells
Oberlander, Tim University of British Columbia Prenatal exposure Pharmacoepidemiology Developmental disabilities
Provencal, Nadine Simon Fraser University Epigenomics Early life stress exposures Developmental trajectories of health and diseases
Robert, Claude Université Laval Development Reproduction Epigenomics
Robinson, Wendy University of British Columbia Placental development In utero exposures Developmental biology
Rossant, Janet SickKids Research Institute Stem cells    
Rossi, Fabio University of British Columbia Chromatin organisation Stem cells Hematopoiesis
Simard, Martin Université Laval Noncoding RNA C. elegans Genetics
Sirard, Marc-André  Université Laval Reproductive biology Assisted reproductive technology  
Sloboda, Debbie McMaster Univeristy Perinatal programming Maternal nutrition Reproduction
Trasler, Jacquetta McGill University Epigenomics Developmental biology Imprinting
Walker, Mark Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Perinatology Population health Health services research
Weaver, Ian Dalhousie University Perinatal programming Neurobehavioural epigenetics Early life experience
Drug Development
Name Institution Expertise 1 Expertise 2 Expertise 3
Dick, John Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Stem cells Hematopoiesis Leukemia
Frankel, Adam University of British Columbia Pharmacology Drug development  
Lakowski, Ted University of Manitoba Histone modification Epigenetic enzymes Epigenetic cancer treatment
Nislow, Corey University of British Columbia Drug discovery Drug characterisation Chemical genomics
Vedadi, Masoud University of Toronto Drug discovery Protein Target Characterization lead molecule Characterization
Name Institute Expertise 1 Expertise 2 Expertise 3
Bilodeau, Steve Université Laval Gene Regulation Chromosome architecture Cancer
Campos, Eric SickKids Research Institute Epigenetic inheritance Chromatin biology Biochemistry
Carreno, Sebastien Université de Montréal      
Claycomb, Julie University of Toronto RNA interference Small RNAs Transgenerational epigenetics
Fillingham, Jeffrey Ryserson University Chromatin assembly histone modifications  
Greenwood, Celia Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research Statistical methods in epigenetics    
Howe, LeAnn University of British Columbia Histone modification Yeast genetics  
Ioshikhes, Ilya Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology Bioinformatics Transcription factors Chromatin  
Joly, Yann McGill University Ethics    
Labbé, Catherine CHU Sainte-Justine       
Lambert, Jean-Phillipe Université Laval Transcription Proteomics Epigenetic regulators
Organ, Michael York University      
Pastinen, Tomi McGill University Epigenomics Complex trait genetics Population variation
Prefontaine, Gratien Simon Fraser University Cell differentiation Transcriptional regulation  
Schulte, Trish University of British Columbia Evolution Comparative physiology Comparative genomics
Tanny, Jason McGill University Histone modification Transcriptional regulation  
Weiss, Sam University of Calgary      
Yankulov, Krassimir University of Guelph Telomere Position Effect Gene silencing Chromatin Assembly
Genetic Disorders
Name Institution Expertise 1 Expertise 2 Expertise 3
Berube, Nathalie Western University Developmental biology Chromatin structure Neurobiology
Brown, Carolyn University of British Columbia X chromosome inactivation Epigenetic silencing Regulatory RNA
Campeau, Philippe University of Montreal Genetic diseases affecting histone acetylation Genetic diseases affecting the Swi-SNF complex
Hall, Judith University of British Columbia Clinical genetics Birth defects Inheritance
Keijzer, Richard University of Manitoba Surgery Congenital abnormalities Lung development
Pearson, Christopher SickKids Research Institute Trinucleotide repeat instability Huntington's disease Myotonic dystrophy
Wasserman, Wyeth University of British Columbia Bioinformatics Transcription factors Regulatory elements
Wilson, Michael SickKids Research Institute Comparative genomics Epigenomics Functional Genomics
Infectious Disease
Name Institution Expertise 1 Expertise 2 Expertise 3
Barreiro, Luis Centre de recherche du CHU Sainte-Justine Evolution Immunology  
Cowen, Leah University of Toronto Fungal pathogens Microbiomics Drug development
Foster, Leonard University of British Columbia Proteomics Infectious disease  
Fradet-Turcotte, Amélie Laval University Cancer Research Center Human papillomavirus Genomic instability HPV-positive cancer
Golshani, Ashkan Carleton University Functional genomics Proteomics Microbiology
Sadowski, Ivan University of British Columbia HIV T cells  Immunology
Su, Ruey-Chyi University of Manitoba Immunology Influenza HIV
Ting, Joseph University of British Columbia Neonatology Infectious disease Drug resistance
Mental Health
Name Institution Expertise 1 Expertise 2 Expertise 3
Bombay, Amy Dalhousie University Aboriginal health Mental health Childhood trauma
Booij, Linda Concordia University Psychology Neurology Stress
Greenshaw, Andy University of Alberta Psychiatry Neuroscience Substance abuse
Kieffer, Brigitte McGill University Addiction Mood disorders Pain
Kingston, Dawn University of Alberta Mental health Pregnancy  
McGowan, Patrick University of Toronto Scarborough Environmental epigenetics Developmental biology Neurobiology
Meaney, Michael McGill University Epigenomics Neuroscience Maternal care
Mostafavi, Sara University of British Columbia Computational biology Regulatory networks Complex traits
Petronis, Art Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Epigenomics Psychiatric disorders Neuroscience
Turecki, Gustavo Douglas Mental Health University Institute Suicide Depressive disorders Neurobiology
Name Institution Expertise 1 Expertise 2 Expertise 3
Asselin, Claude Université de Sherbrooke Histone and protein acetylation

Gene expression

Intestinal epithelium
Devlin, Angela University of British Columbia Nutrigenomics Epigenomics Metabolomics
Gibson, Bill University of British Columbia Weaver syndrome, Cohen-Gibson syndrome and human disorders of the PRC2 complex Obesity Appetite
Grundberg, Elin McGill University Epigenomics Complex trait genetics Metabolic disease
Hoffman, Brad University of British Columbia Endocrine pancreas function Chromatin remodelling factors Developmental biology
Levy, Émile University of Montreal Gastrointestinal function Metabolic disorders Inflammatory bowel disease
Pin, Christopher Western University Transcriptional regulation Developmental biology Cancer
Rayner, Katey University of Ottawa miRNA Obesity Atherosclerosis
Schultz, Michael University of Alberta Epigenomics Nutrition Histone modification
Vohl, Marie-Claude Université Laval Nutrition Metabolic disorders  
Muscular Disorders
Name Institution Expertise 1 Expertise 2 Expertise 3
Blais, Alexandre University of Ottawa Myogenesis Chromatin structure Cell cycle control
Dilworth, Jeffrey Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Histone Modifying Enzymes Myogenesis Stem cells
Jasmin, Bernard University of Ottawa Cell signalling Neurology  
Kothary, Rashmi Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Cytoskeleton Neurodegeneration  
Rudnicki, Michael Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Stem Cells Myogenesis  
Warman Chardon, Jodi Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Rare myopathies Genetic disorders Neuromuscular Diseases
Neurodegenerative Disorders
NAME INSTITUTION Expertise 1 Expertise 2 Expertise 3
Albensi, Benedict  University of Manitoba Memory Molecular Neuroscience Dementia
Cynader, Max University of British Columbia Neuroscience Cancer Developmental biology
Gosselin, David  Université Laval Epigenomics Microglia Central Nervous System
Gibbings, Derrick University of Ottawa Extracellular RNA RNA silencing Retrotransposons
Goldowitz, Daniel University of British Columbia Developmental biology Addiction Autism
Greenblatt, Jack University of Toronto Proteomics Microbiology Transcription 
Gsponer, Joerg University of British Columbia Computational biology Cancer Protein structure
Kramer, Jamie Western University Neuroepigenetics Learning and Memory Neuronal Development
Picketts, David Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Neural development Intellectual disabilities  
Rajcan-Separovic, Evica University of British Columbia Intellectual disability Reproductive disorders Chromosome instability
Rastegar, Mojgan  University of Manitoba Brain development DNA methylation Stem Cells
Rouleau, Guy McGill University Genomics Neurological disorders Psychiatric disorders
Slack, Ruth University of Ottawa Neural regeneration Stem cells Brain injury
Simpson, Elizabeth University of British Columbia Eye disorders Spinal cord disorders Gene therapy
Zovkic, Iva University of Toronto Mississauga Learning and memory Neurobiology Behavioural neuroscience
Name Institution Expertise 1 Expertise 2 Expertise 3
Bernatsky, Sasha  McGill University Epidemiology Rheumatology Cancer
Bouchard, Luigi Université de Sherbrooke Cardiovascular disease Diabetes In utero exposures
Boycott, Kym Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute Disease biomarkers Rare diseases Pediatrics
Lathrop, Mark McGill University Genomics Statistical genetics Complex disorders
Lewis, Suzanne University of British Columbia Autism spectrum disorders Intellectual disabilities Neurodevelopment
McGavock, Jonathan University of Manitoba Pediatrics Chronic disease Epigenetic biomarkers
Namaka, Michael University of Manitoba Multiple sclerosis Neuropathic pain syndromes Dorsal root ganglia
Richard, Stéphane Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research Arginine methylation RNA binding proteins DNA damage
Stone, Laura McGill University Pain Neurobiology Intervertebral discs
Respiratory Disease
Name Institution Expertise 1 Expertise 2 Expertise 3
Baglole, Carolyn McGill University Respiratory health Genetics Toxicology
Brauer, Michael University of British Columbia Air pollution Environmental exposures Transportation
Carlsten, Chris University of British Columbia Air pollution Environmental exposures Immunology
Daley, Denise University of British Columbia Epigenomics Epidemiology Asthma
Halayko, Andrew University of Manitoba Airway smooth muscle Stem cells Asthma
Jones, Meaghan University of Manitoba Asthma, diabetes Environmental Epigenetics Prenatal exposures
Lavoie, Pascal University of British Columbia Neonatology Immunology Bronchopulmonary dysplasia
Laprise, Catherine Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Asthma Allergies  
Tecnhnology Development
Name Institution Expertise 1 Expertise 2 Expertise 3
Hansen, Carl University of British Columbia Single cell genomics Method development  
Hoffman, Michael Princess Margaret Cancer Centre  Functional genomics Bioinformatics Machine learning
Hu, Pingzhao  University of Manitoba Bioinformatics Statistical genetics Epigenomics