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Rachel Price
Scientist Spotlight: Rachel Price, University of British Columbia

Rachel Price's research focuses on transcription factor activity during mitosis in mouse embryonic stem cells.

Benjamin Lebeau
Scientist Spotlight: Benjamin Lebeau, McGill University

Benjamin Lebeau's research focuses on the oncogenic and epigenetic impact of CTCF mutations or copy number loss in breast cancer.

Giacomo Grillo
Scientist Spotlight: Dr. Giacomo Grillo, University of Toronto

Dr. Giacomo Grillo is a post doctoral fellow at the University of Toronto where he studies chromatin and transposable element activation in prostate cancer.

Scientist Spotlight: Marina Fukano, University of Montreal & McGill University

Marina Fukano's research focuses on the consequences of metabolic heterogeneity on the progression and drug response of triple-negative breast tumors.

Minggao Liang
Scientist Spotlight: Minggao Liang, University of Toronto

Dr. Minggao Liang's research is focused on elucidating the cis-regulatory consequences of genetic variation in the context of evolution and human disease. Learn more about Minggao.

Mathias Renaud
Scientist Spotlight: Mathias Renaud

Mathias Renaud is a Graduate Student in Dr. Julie Claycomb's laboratory at the University of Toronto. Learn more about Mathias and his research here! 

Hossein Davarinejad
Scientist Spotlight: Hossein Davarinejad

Hossein Davarinejad is a Graduate Student in Dr. Jean-François Couture's laboratory at the University of Ottawa. Learn more about Hossein and his research here!