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Looking for resources?

A searchable database of interactive teaching resources from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
Life Science
A database of genetics teaching resources and videos for all ages and learning levels.
Teaching Tools
A list of resources for teaching genetics and genomics.
DNA Day Activity Ideas
A list of DNA learning activities from the National Human Genome Research Institute.
NOVA ScienceNOW: Epigenetics
Epigenetics lesson plans and classroom activities from NOVA ScienceNOW.
Lesson plans, activities and videos from Teach Genetics at the Universit of Utah.
DNA & Epigenetics
Lesson plans, powerpoint presentations and resources from UNC Institute for the Environment.
Epigenie Learning Center
In-depth information and epigenetics resources for a broad audience.
Is inheritance really all in our genes?
An introduction to epigenetics inheritence by PBS Digital Studios and It's okay to be smart.
Same but Different: How epigenetics can blur the line between nature and nurture
How epigenetics can blur the lines between nature and nurture, an article by Siddhartha Mukherjee.
Beware of the pseudo gene genies
A guide to navigating epigenetics misinformation by Dr. Adam Rutherford.
Genomes at Work
A text and video introduction to epigenetics from the National Human Genome Research Institute.