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CEEHRC / Postdoctoral Fellows in Computational Biology and Biophysics /
Postdoctoral Fellows in Computational Biology and Biophysics
Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Two potential postdoctoral positions are available in the Computational Biology and Biophysics Laboratory of Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada ( The laboratory studies epigenetic mechanisms with a specific focus on cancer. The topics of interest include: binding mechanisms of partners to nucleosomes; effects of DNA methylation on nucleosome dynamics and DNA accessibility; impacts of cancer mutations on chromatin; coupling between chromatin organization and mutational processes.
1. The first prospective postdoctoral fellow will design and apply methods of molecular dynamics simulations and molecular modeling to understand how chromatin dynamics is coupled with its function at the level of nucleosomes and nucleosomal arrays.
  •  PhD in biophysics, physics, chemistry;
  •  experience with scientific high-performance computing;
  •  proficiency with at least two of the following: C/C++, Python, R, MatLab;
  •  solid knowledge of molecular dynamics simulations and molecular modeling.
2. The second prospective postdoctoral fellow will design deep learning and bioinformatics approaches to identify epigenetic processes leading to mutation occurrence and repair in cancer.
  •  PhD in computational biology or computer science;
  •  proficiency with Python and R;
  •  solid knowledge of deep learning methods. 
The laboratory works in close collaboration with several experimental laboratories across the world, especially with the National Institutes of Health, USA. Candidates are expected to possess excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to interact effectively with multidisciplinary research teams. The program is located in a beautiful space overlooking Lake Ontario and has access to state-of-the-art high-performance computing facilities. 
The position will be financed for two or more years. Relocation expenses are covered.
For further information, please contact Anna Panchenko ( To apply for this position, please send a letter of application and a detailed CV.
Queen's University, Kingston, ON
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