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Kimmins lab

The Kimmins lab is a world leading team located in beautiful Montréal, Qc, Canada. We are located in in the heart of downtown Montreal, in a cutting-edge research environment at the Université de Montréal in the CRCHUM research center


Epigenetics is the link between environmental exposures, non-genetic inheritance and complex disease. There is an urgency to understand the mechanisms of epigenetic transmission from parents to children to harness its potential for disease prevention. The objective of my research program is to develop and implement epigenomic tools to increase our understanding of non-genetic inheritance and to improve and protect human health. The first thematic area, mechanisms of epigenetic transmission, uses genetic mouse models to characterize epigenetic responses to exposures relevant to human health (diet, obesity & toxicants) and to determine the molecular underpinnings of epigenetic inheritance. In the second area, translational epigenomics, we study human populations to better understand the links between exposures, the epigenome and health in the next generation. We use multi-omic approaches such as ChIP-seq, CUT&TAG, RNA-seq, ATACseq, DNAme in combination with computational analysis. Students are trained in wet lab and bioinformatics and there are opportunities to work on projects that bridge academia and biotech industry.

PhD Positions

We provide a collaborative work environment and are seeking highly motivated individuals with prior research experience. Successful candidates must have an MSc with a first author paper that is published or underreview. In addition, applicants must have experimental expertise in molecular biology/genetics, ideally with a conceptual background in early embryonic development and germ cell biology. Experience in the analysis of sequencing data using R and Python are a plus. Candidates will have strong communication skills, enjoy working with team, and a degree in molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics and/or computational biology. Students with a background in computer science in combination with a biomedical background will also be considered. Exceptional candidates with an honors B.Sc. degree in molecular biology/genetics and relevant research experience will be considered for a fast track PhD program.

International students are welcome and we embrace diversity. PhD stipends are $30,000/yr. Montreal is an affordable city with excellent quality of life. Please send your CV, transcripts (unofficial transcripts), 3 academic references, a 1pg statement of interest detailing why you want to conduct research in epigenetics and the experience and knowledge you will bring to the team. Applications can be emailed to: Please include PhD application in the header.

Université de Montréal in the CRCHUM research center
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