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CEEHRC / Genomics Core Director /

This successful applicant will manage ongoing next-generation sequencing research in the UND Genomics Core. This position will help investigators design and projects involving next-generation sequencing and analysis of big data datasets. This position will assist with the design and analysis of next-generation sequencing experiments including data generated by UND researchers and their collaborators as well as of publicly available genomics, transcriptomics and epigenomics data. Tasks include, but are not limited to, design of sequencing experiments, grooming of raw data, statistical tests, and helping generate figures for presentation and publication. The successful applicant will be able to identify the best strategy, including software for analysis of specific data, to accomplish the project and will be capable of learning the necessary new skills. This individual will be supervising other core staff involved in wet lab and bioinformatics data analysis, will assign staff to specific projects, and will conduct meetings with individual investigators in relation to bioinformatics projects. This person will be responsible for the budgeting and billing for these projects and providing reports to external funding agencies such as NIH. This individual will also identify problems, challenges, and future directions as the core grows and work with investigators and to bring issues to appropriate resolution.

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University of North Dakota
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